Sloan Hybrid Urinals

Sloan unveils its new Sloan® Hybrid Urinals, which combine a world-class, multi-patented urinal cartridge with revolutionary Jetrinse™ Solution Technology that keep urinals and drain lines clean, hygienic, odor-free and clog-free. Sloan Hybrid Urinals come in three designs to meet your specifications and requirements. These urinals are ideal for a wide range of commercial applications.

"The Hybrid Urinals reflect our dedication to sustainability and help reduce the water footprint," says Mark Lawinger, product line manager – fixtures for Sloan. "Sloan combines the best of both worlds: water-free operation and periodic water injection that helps prevent the formation of calcite and easily removes any small amounts of struvite forming in the drain line."

These urinals do not use water to eliminate urine, and there's no need for maintenance personnel to manually clean or rinse the housing and drain line. The Jetrinse Solution Technology automatically purges the housing and pipes, rinsing them thoroughly to prevent the buildup of sediment every 72 hours. The result is clean, odor-free operation, with virtually no maintenance aside from typical wipe downs and cartridge changes.

Sloan Hybrid Urinals use a multi-patented cartridge, featuring Falcon Waterfree Technologies®, that includes new and improved functionality that provides better performance than ever before.

As a new solution that preserves the efficiency and enhances the functionality of water-free design, the Sloan Hybrid Urinal is an alternative that can help manage water conservation efforts.


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