Solar Sunflower generates electricity and hot water

The Solar Sonflower combines both photovoltaic solar power and concentrated solar thermal power in one package that has a total efficiency of around 80 percent.

The Solar Sunflower, a Swiss invention developed by Airlight Energy, Dsolar and IBM Research in Zurich, uses something called “highly efficient concentrated photovoltaic/thermal to generate electricity and hot water from solar power.

The Sunflower has reflectors that concentrate the sun –"to about 5,000 suns," Gianluca Ambrosetti, Airlight's head of research tells Then, highly efficient photovoltaic cells convert that concentrated solar energy into electricity, without melting in the process. Airlight/Dsolar are behind the Sunflower's reflectors and superstructure, and the photovoltaics are provided by IBM.

More details here.

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