SOLEC announces new partnership with Standard Supply & Distributing Co.

Ewing, N.J. – SOLEC-Solar Energy Corporation (SOLEC) is proud to announce a new working agreement with Standard Supply & Distributing Co. (SS&D) to distribute its popular LO/MIT spray-applied radiant heat barrier paint products in locations around Texas. SS&D, well known for excellence in the HVAC and insulation marketplace, services many areas including: Dallas, Arlington, Forth Worth, Garland, Carrollton, Allen, Athens, Longview, Austin, San Antonio, Houston and McAllen.

SOLEC, experts in radiant heat transfer since 1974, invented the radiant heat barrier coating technology and have been the leaders in this emerging energy conservation industry. LO/MIT is one of the most efficient sprayable radiant heat barrier in the market today and its ease of use and profitability have made it a hit with insulation and HVAC contractors in warmer climates. Sprayed to the underside of the roof deck, LO/MIT lessens the roof's ability to radiate heat inward, keeping the structure cooler and lowering air conditioning costs. Installed easily with any airless paint sprayer, LO/MIT is the perfect technology for Texas contractors to make their clients' homes and buildings more energy efficient.

SS&D's intricate knowledge of the HVAC and insulation industries in Texas makes the partnership with the LO/MIT technology a perfect fit.


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