TOTO launches sustainability app

MORROW, Ga. — TOTO, the plumbing manufacturer with $5.1 billion dollars in annual sales, announced that it has further enhanced its position as a leader in sustainable product design and marketing providing by consumers and professionals with a new web-based sustainable purchase analysis app—MyGreenPayback.

TOTO’s new app enables users to calculate in real time their financial return on investment and the planet’s return on environment for the high-efficiency TOTO products they purchase for their homes and businesses.

“We wanted to make the sustainable purchasing process easier by demonstrating our high-efficiency products’ water and energy savings across their life cycle in a format that is easy to understand,” said Bill Strang, president of Operations for the Americas at TOTO. “MyGreenPayback enables us to do that as well as demonstrate our products’ benefits to the planet and human health.”

TOTO’s MyGreenPayback may be accessed from the web or a favicon installed on a computer, tablet, or smart phone. Users may compare up to three products, create their own products collections, and add products to a project for a payback calculation.

Rather than spending hours pouring over reams of technical data, consumers and professionals can now spend just a few minutes to understand and evaluate the benefits of their high-efficiency TOTO products.

“The MyGreenPayback team has enjoyed working with TOTO, and we are excited to help them simplify sustainable product decision making,” said Paul Shariari, founder and CEO of MyGreenPayback. “Having an ROI calculator in the hands of their designers, engineers, contractors, plumbers, and customers will help everyone see the massive impacts we can have on our built environment.”

To calculate their payback, users simply input their product data (quantity, usage profile, and purchase price) or their project profile (product data, utility rates, inflation, and time horizon). Once the data is input, users can quickly and easily calculate their ROI and their payback breakeven point.

MyGreenPayback provides users with the financial impact and potential savings breakdowns for energy cost savings, water cost savings, and total cost of ownership (life cycle). Users can easily do another calculation by simply adjusting their product or project parameters.


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