Turn Up the Heat with Reliability

While hospitals try to save lives, Intellihot provides units that are just as life-saving.

There’s no way around it: choosing and installing a heating system in a facility that doesn’t shut down is a complex project. Safety, efficiency, affordability and comfort are all factored into the selection that will best provide for occupants. These two case studies highlight some of the challenges hospitals face, including altitude, waste and maintenance. 

Hot water at high altitudes with fail-safe reliability

Ogden, Utah: This major hospital needed a reliable option for heating water at high altitudes. Intellihot’s units were able to handle cold incoming water and provide hot water instantaneously for the entire building.

Located at 4,658 feet in the mountains, the hospital needed to heat incoming water as cold as 40 F. It also needed water heating systems that are absolutely fail-safe, so there is no disruption in patient services.

 This not-for-profit, community focused hospital is the fourth largest hospital in Utah. Serving northern Utah and portions of southeast Idaho and western Wyoming, it offers nationally ranked programs in cancer treatment, heart and vascular treatment and newborn ICU treatment.

Intellihot parachuted in to provide reliable hot water

Baltimore, Maryland: This well-known Veteran’s hospital was experiencing recurring issues with its domestic water heaters and needed reliable equipment, quickly. Intellihot made the switch over Labor Day weekend, and upgraded the hospital to an efficient system it could count on, helping the hospital to continue serving the heroes that served our country.

This modern health care facility offers Veterans state-of-the-art technology and clinical services. The medical center is home to the world’s first filmless radiology department, which allows health care providers to have nearly instant access to patient radiology images. The facility also has one of the largest funded research and development programs in the VA system, which enhances its ability to provide the best medical techniques and treatments to Maryland’s veterans.

Endless water, zero waste

These systems are smart. From the moment they start running, they begin to learn typical usage patterns. They adapt, heating up the amount of water needed: no more or less. While traditional boilers run 24/7/365 waiting to be used, Intellihot systems heat water on demand and keep it flowing when and where people need it. Its process conserves up to 40 percent of the energy lost in traditional water heating methods.

Less is more

Intellihot saves money, time and space from installation to operation. Technology gets up and running quickly and costs less to operate month after month. With all the power of alternative systems at a fraction of the size, the design makes space-hogging boilers and storage tanks totally obsolete.

 Too smart to fail

As robust as diesel engines, Intellihot systems are built for decades of like-new operation. Reliability is designed into every inch, from maintenance-free heat exchangers to systems that deliver industrial water capacities without risk of single-point failure. The best part is the built in redundancy and no master controller with patented masterless cascading technology.

Change made effortless

Technology should adapt to people, not the other way around. Intellihot systems are simple to install, use and maintain — for customers and customers’ customers. Even as innovations operate out of sight, every aspect is crafted to be enjoyable, intuitive and surprisingly smart. 


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