Victaulic unveils industry’s first 'intelligent' roll grooving tool

Victaulic has launched the RG5200i, a fully automatic, intelligent grooving tool that transmits instant feedback on the quality of the pipe and the pipe groove. It provides a new level of confidence in the consistency and integrity of grooved pipe.

Unlike existing grooving tools, the Victaulic RG5200i roll grooving tool uses lasers and computers to set the depth of the grooving tool. To groove a pipe, the operator places the pipe-end between upper and lower rolls, selects groove and pipe details (size, material, wall thickness) using the touch-screen interface on a remote pedestal, and initiates the grooving process.

After the grooving process is completed, the tool confirms that each dimension is within specifications, eliminating the need to measure the pipe manually. For any dimensions out of spec, the tool will display what adjustments are needed. The system documents and records each groove completed, easing traceability.

The RG5200i roll grooves Schedule 40 carbon steel pipe from four to 60 inches in diameter (100 to 1500mm) and is designed to meet the specifications of the American National Standards Institute and the American Water Works Association’s C-606 standards for grooved and shouldered end joints.






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