Viega's ProRadiant Insulated PEX Barrier Piping System for Snow Melting Projects

ProRadiant Insulated PEX Barrier Piping System snow melting system is ideal for applications including helipads, loading docks, parking garages and stairs. The system’s high-compressive strength makes it ideal for burial under areas with high traffic loads or foot traffic. The “smart” membrane between the outer casing and insulation enhances and maintains the insulation value, keeping operating performance high throughout the pipe’s service life.

The bonded system eliminates risk of water penetration and no special considerations for thermal expansion are required. The polyethylene jacket resists any impact or blows incurred during the installation or transportation. The piping system is UV-treated, requires no special tools for assembly and is available in long coils or custom coil lengths.

The product incorporates radiant technology and highly efficient, automatic controls that detect snow and ice when it is below certain temperatures outside. 

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