Watts Radiant’s Springfield, Mo., plant to close by next June​

Watts Water Technologies, the parent company of Watts Radiant, announced plans to close the Watts Radiant facility in Springfield, Mo., during its quarterly earnings discussion with investors.  Tim MacPhee, treasurer and vice president of investor relations, said the plant employs 82 but 21 employees that work in customer support and sales will be retained. He said the plant likely will gradually phase out its manufacturing operations between now and the end of June.

The plant is one of three that Watts Water Technologies is closing as part of what it calls phase two of its Americas transformation program.  The other two plants are in Kansas City, Kan., and Arizona.  The work of the closed plants will be moved to a plant in Nogales, Mexico, on the U.S. border south of Tuscon, Ariz.; and another one in St. Pauls, N.C., just south of Fayetteville. More details here.


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