Weekend Brief

TMB Publishing’s Weekend Brief is brought to you by the International Code Council. To learn about the latest news from ICC, visit its website today. This week, Kyle touches on big news from the sponsor, ICC. With the help of the National Association of Home Builders, the ICC has released a TechNotes series. The series is designed to assist builders in understanding and applying latest code requirements as well as implementing best practices in order to avoid building performance issues related to interior humidity levels, condensation in wall and roof assemblies, and interior air quality. You can read more about it on PHCNews’ Website. Later in the video, Kyle highlights eight new locations for the Rooter-man Franchise. The stores will help assist plumbing and draining needs for customers in those locations. Check out the story on PHCNews’ website. To wrap it up, Kyle highlights more clue words into the revolutionary idea that TMB is dropping on the PHCP community.

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