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Must Read

Service call fees recover operational costs
Should you charge a minimum service call fee to visit the consumer’s location, discuss their requests, and quote prices to them? Simply put, persons consuming your financial resources, expertise and tech time for their window shopping activity should pay a fee if they do not let you perform the service. ... >> More

Riding shotgun, Part I
have zero technical skills. I have a thimble-full of financial knowledge (which is, luckily, all you really need.) However, I do have the smarts to know that your team, the front line technicians, will help you fix whatever is broken in your company. As a consultant, with my aforementioned limited skills ... >> More

Code issues
I recently received a phone call from the GC on a new custom home project we are currently working on. He was calling to inform me that we did not pass the close in inspection. He mentioned that the mechanical inspector rejected the inspection because we used the wrong gauge sheet metal on ... >> More

Motherly love
It was a sunshine-filled Friday morning as my Bulldog (Norman) and I went out for a short walk. I had a sick feeling inside that something was just not right with my mother. She had been in and out of the hospital during the entire year fighting her battle with Leukemia ... >> More

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