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Proper phone protocols
First impressions can lead to long-term relationships. The person who answers your phone for consumer calls is the first person in the communication between your business and your potential or existing client. That person must have, and implement, great phone techniques in order ... >> More

You might be in financial trouble if...
I was at a business planning workshop last week. Each of the participants was required to do a short presentation about their business. Then, the group asked questions and offered advice. One business owner in the group shared his story, but the financial numbers didn’t sound quite right. ... >> More

Commercial Steam – Part II
Around the turn of the last century, Washington, D.C. was a growing metropolis. In an effort to house the burgeoning population, a building boom ensued. Residential communities, like Columbia Heights, Capitol Hill, Cleveland Park, Glover Park and Mt. Pleasant, sprang up around this time. ... >> More

If gas cost $9 per gallon, would you rearrange your week of driving? If you had to choose between a vacation and turning your thermostat up, would you live with a colder house? Overall, if you live in the U.S., you don’t worry about the price of energy as much as most of the rest of the world. ... >> More

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